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Moving Waves: Navigating the Shifting Currents of the U.S. Moving Market

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The moving market in the United States is known as one of the most favorable during the 1950s. In fact, nearly one in five Americans moves every year. However, the moving market in the United States has seen a major decline. Currently, according to the latest census, less than one in ten Americans moved last year. This represents half as much compared to the 1950s.

The moving market in the United States has therefore lost its historic frenzy and has given way to monotony. Between March 2018 and March 2019, only 9.8% of Americans moved. In addition, the country remains one of the most popular living destinations, so expatriates are still there in the United States. Thus, the moving market in the United States is in full reconstruction and is full of opportunities.

The causes of the collapse of the moving market in the United States

According to the New York Times, data collected regarding the moving market in the United States shows a decline in activity. This is due to the change in the economy and the housing market, which represents the causes of Americans’ sedentary lifestyle. However, the moving market in the United States was for a long time the most mobile in the developed world.

The moving market in the United States: rising rents

One of the main causes of the decline in activity in the moving market in the United States is linked to the real estate market. Indeed, rent prices have soared in large cities. This hampers the moves of young people, who are looking for new employment, study or other opportunities.

But not only that, historically Americans are known as travelers, many families move regularly for work. They settle in cities where work is most abundant and the salary is most attractive. These days, families can no longer move as easily as they once did. On the other hand, salaries are almost all the same depending on the city and region.

What is the profile of Americans who move

The moving market in the United States is generally driven by young adults. Indeed, we notice that older people are much less likely to move than young people. This is explained by the search for a job offer on the part of young people or by the desire to study in major schools. In addition, in recent years, many households have decided to move to the suburbs. In fact, they are looking for a larger and often less expensive house.

This is why more and more people are leaving the center and settling in the outskirts so as not to lose their proximity to their jobs and schools. Finally, with regard to the elderly, we note that the main concentration is on the coasts of Cape Cod or towards Miami in the south. As for the north, retirees are moving closer to spas in Georgia or the state of Arkansas.

Where are Americans moving

When it comes to moves by Americans within their own country, 60% of them are moves within the same county. The moving market in the United States therefore mainly concerns Americans. However, a new trend is taking place. People in the USA are now deciding to move to states and regions that agree with their political opinions.

Additionally, this therefore acknowledges that Americans move to states where they feel safest and freest. Because certain laws vary depending on the State, such as the right to abortion or the right to own weapons. There are therefore regions which are becoming more and more Republican, such as Texas or Georgia. And on the other side, there are regions which are strengthening their democratic political opinions such as California or Colorado.

The moving market in the United States: employment and education

The United States has always been considered the country of diverse opportunities, whether professional or educational. Indeed, people who move to the United States come to look for work to improve their skills and enrich their experience. Likewise, for many, moving to a new country means a new beginning. Some will take the plunge into entrepreneurship by creating a company.

As for students, going to study in the United States brings a huge plus to their CV and also broadens their skills. Higher education schools, however, are fee-paying and expensive for the majority but are particularly recognized throughout the world. Additionally, it is very common in the country for students to find part-time or seasonal employment. International job opportunities are one of the main reasons expats move to the country. In fact, the moving market in the United States has always been a great source of income.

The moving market in the United States: cultural discovery

In addition to the country’s great geography, the United States is also known for its cultural diversification. Indeed, the country measures almost 10 million km² and brings together a large part of the world’s ethnic groups. The national language is English for 32 of the states, followed by Spanish.

You will have understood, the country welcomes people from all over the world and their language with it. Regarding gastronomy, here too we find the diversification of cultures present in the territory. In addition, the country has many traditional dishes, such as American spare ribs or Thanksgiving turkey. Likewise, festivals and celebrations are also present and specific to the country. For example, Thanksgiving, Halloween or even Martin Luther King Day. The multicultural aspect of the country attracts many people, who will be able to find a part of their old home in their new country of residence.

The moving market in the United States: quality of life

To begin with, the United States is known for the quality of its health care system. There are many doctors, surgeons, nurses and dentists recognized in the region. On the other hand, unlike Europe, health services are not covered by social security. You will therefore have to pay them out of your pocket. Likewise, you will be subject to specific laws depending on the state you are moving to. You will therefore be able to find out about the laws applied in all states and choose those that best suit you.

The moving market in the United States: moving prices

The average price of a move to the United States is $1,000 to $8,000. In addition, it will depend on the company you use, but also on the volume of goods to be transported. In addition, the United States has a vast area, the price of your move will also depend on the region to which you are going.

Indeed, everything will depend on whether you want to live in Massachusetts, or in the state of Florida, for example. Finally, to ensure that your move goes smoothly, consider using a local moving company, like EasyMoving if you are moving in or from Boston. They know the moving market in the United States perfectly and will therefore be able to help you best.

The moving market in the United States: choosing the right mover

We therefore advise you to call a professional like EasyMoving. First, you will need to choose a few moving companies that have good online reviews. Then find out about the reliability of the company by looking at customer reviews and the legal existence of the company. You will then need to contact the professionals who interest you the most and request a quote.

You can then compare them according to the services they offer (administrative assistance, materials suitable for moving) and the prices charged.

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