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Best Dieting Habits to Lose Weight

by johnreporter
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‘Diets to lose weight’ is a question thrown up thousands of times by people wanting to know which is the best one. Diets work differently for different people. If there was one only sure-fire way to lose weight, everyone would do it right?

To be perfectly frank here, there is only one real way to shed the extra pounds we’ve gathered over the years and that it to eat healthily with portion control and to get at least some level of exercise in our daily routine.

How many diets are there

Many will stop reading here because they are looking for the magic answer, but they are staring at the magic answer right now, so why keep looking?

You can of course try to find the answer in books called “diets to lose weight” but many or almost all of them will either try to sell you the new fad diet whilst the others will simply tell you the truth…and charge you for it!

What is evermore frustrating is the fact that millions of people get taken in by a quick fix diet or some outlandish, often unhealthy diet to get the perfect body, risking their health, complexion and digestive system. Sticking to a strict diet that limits nutrients can only be bad for our bodies.

Several diets to lose weight are purely put on sale to make money for the producer or writer that dreamt up the weight loss plan in the first place. Many diets are the same only worded differently with just slight tweaks to make them seem original. For instance, The G-Plan Diet, The Paleo Diet and even the Atkins-Lite Diet are more or less the same and they all at some point provide good information, but they won’t sustain long lasting answers to how we keep the fat off. In truth, each and every diet out there has some good points, but they also have a lot of padding just to sell the product. Dieting is easy but so is being gullible.

The only way to guarantee weight loss and to do it safely is to follow the two following rules, so stop searching for the best diets to lose weight:

1 – Eat at regular times, administer portion control and avoid sugary, fatty foods. It really isn’t too much to ask for such a guaranteed way to lose weight. If you suffer from cravings or feel hungry most of the time, take a supplement to suppress appetite and help boost your metabolism.

They are not expensive, and they help stop those nagging hunger pangs. Over a period of time, your body will get used to smaller portions, eating little and often and a healthy food intake.

This will work faster than you think and your motivation will become stronger which will help you get the body your happy with.

2 – Exercise is paramount! I know thousands of people dread the thought of doing daily workouts, but it doesn’t have to be a crazy mad workout…they can do more harm than good.

Realise that if you break into a sweat and a little out of breath, the exercise you’re doing is working wonders for you weight loss.

Doing too much can put strains on your heart and muscles, so just do enough for a relatively short period of time that gets you heart pumping slightly faster.

This means your metabolism will burn your unwanted fat cells as energy, leaving you lighter and more mobile. A great way to lose weight following the healthy eating part is going for a brisk walk. This is such a perfect exercise for losing weight and it helps with our overall heath as well.

Best diet to lose weight

Trying to look for the best diets to lose weight is futile, you’ve just found it! Often the best things in life are the simplest and we don’t need to complicate matters by chasing every new diet that comes out.

The sales pitch will fill you with new hope and you go ahead and purchase it…only to find out that it’s not that healthy and almost impossible to stick to. If the new fangled diet does work for you, you can be assured that at some time you will put all the weight back on and then some!

So stop worrying about diets to lose weight, if you feel this little article has some ring of truth about it, then you realise it is the truth!

Train your body to eat healthy and train you body to get active. These two simple things will lose your fat for good and you won’t need to go on strict ill-advised diets again. This will happen much quicker than you think and all you need to do is commit to it.

Diets to lose weight? There is only One!

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